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The Asyra AT3 is an Electro-Dermal Screening Device designed by Mark and Joe Galloway, the founders of G-Tech. Dr. Roberts of the Mayo Clinic and Dr. Sheely, the author of over thirty books on alternative healing, asked the Galloways to design the Asyra.

They have drawn on decades of experience working with Electro-Dermal Screening Devices to create the Asyra; an advancement in the area of energy medicine. It is designed to non-invasively screen the body for energetic imbalances. In many cases, the client has a functional problem or symptom despite the lack of any pathology shown on traditional medical tests. It is estimated that over 70 percent of patients in any general practice suffer from functional disturbances. A functional disturbance occurs when no specific tissue or organ damage can be identified by lab work or pathological diagnostics, yet the client still has a myriad of symptoms. Functional medicine, such as practiced by the Asyra and by Advanced Wellness and Dr. John Lieurance, helps to detect and identify these energetic disturbances early on. Energetic imbalances identified by the Asyra may indicate physiological imbalances or the presence of toxins. It is believed by many energy practitioners that devices like the Asyra can discover the underlying issues leading to disease many years before the illness can be detected by Western medicine. It is thought that EDS devices such as the Asyra can bridge the diagnostic and therapeutic gaps, and provide a clearer picture of not only the illnesses in the body, but also the treatments that will be likely to resolve them. These treatments are energetic frequencies that restore the body to its natural balance and health. This approach is not looking for any particular disease state, and therefore no claims of diagnosis can be made.

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We chose the Asyra because of its accuracy and because we can add our own scans to the device making a unique alogorythum for each patient based on their individual needs and symptoms. The purpose of using the Asyra in our practice is to ask the energy field thousands of questions in a short period of time; thus, decreasing the length of time it takes to run a comprehensive energetic scan The Asyra tests frequencies. There are thousands of preprogrammed energy frequencies that each correspond to different physiological conditions. The Asyra goes through around 10,000 questions of the body. If the body organ or system tests weak, then the Asyra provides the homeopathic, botanical, nutrient or flower remedy frequencies to bring that system or organ back into balance. With the Asyra the body reveals its weaknesses and selects the most beneficial healing frequency as well as how many issues it has the ability to work with at one time.


Once the Asyra has finished scanning the body, it then provides a way to put those balancing frequencies into a transfer medium. That can be drops of water ingested or rubbed into the skin.  We recommend that the scan be updated every 4 weeks for the greatest benefit.

Asyra Testing:

The Asyra AT3 model device performes the following tests: Comprehensive Energetic Analysis (includes 5000 items), Immune Susceptibility (2000 items), Miasma Influence, Cranial Suture Evaluation, Circulatory Support, Circulatory Disturbance, Detox Support, Emotional Stress (Bach Flowers), Hormonal Support, Hormonal Profile, Immune System Support, Metabolic Support, Metabolic Imbalances, Musculoskeletal Support, Musculoskeletal Imbalance, Neurological Support, Neurotransmitter Profile and Nutritional Maintenance, Extensive physical scans including brain functions, toxins, re-establishing communication between the organs and glands in the body.

The Asyra is the first electro-dermal screening (EDS) system to be completely approved by the FDA. You can read more about the Asyra, and check out the research at

We charge $125- $175 for an Asyra scan and treatment for a new client depending on the depth and complexity needed for the patient.  Prior to your Asyra scan you will be asked to remove all watches and rings.  You will also have paperwork to fill out concerning any presenting symptoms or issues you may have, prior to the Asyra session.

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